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We went backstage “An Evening with Jaret and Erik” (from Bowling For Soup) on their acoustic tour at Club Academy in Manchester and chatted with Erik Chandler with Jaret Reddick occasionally jumping in from the other room!

Welcome back to Manchester!

Erik: It’s good to be back! We’ve said 1 million times and will never stop saying this is our absolute favourite city in the world to play in.

How has the tour been going so far?

Erik: We’re halfway through; last night was night 7 I think. It’s been great; it’s been really really good. I mean, it takes a few days to really get into the swing of things on stage and the last few nights we all finally hit our stride so it’s going amazing!

Your Album “Fishing for Woos” is out 26th April, this will be your 11th album as a band. What can the fans expect to hear from this album?

Erik: It’s a very kind of like core Bowling For Soup sounding album and that was the intention from the very beginning was to not overthink things too much. The last couple of albums we’ve got really involved with the studio process and played with a bunch of toys we wouldn’t normally use and things and so this album, basically the way that went down is when we were here last April doing the acoustic tour, as soon as we finished that we went home, Jaret wrote the album in 6 weeks and we immediately went into the studio for 15 days, we did 15 songs in 15 days for the recording process. It was down to the very last minute, I don’t live in Texas anymore so my last day in the studio I finished my last vocal tracks, had 15 minutes to get my stuff together before I had to head out the door to get to the airport in time to catch my train so there was some time crunching involved that had us all stressed but we managed to get it all done so that’s cool. We blew up 3 computers recording it, so we lost basically an entire day and when you’re down to the wire and doing that many songs in that period of time, losing 16 hours is a great deficit to come back from. I dunno how we did it but we did it.

Your first is single is called, S-S-S Saturday? Can you tell us a little bit about this song?

Erik: It’s basically about what we live for yano, the song is about hanging out with your friends and having a few beverages and kinda enjoying life. It’s fairly close to the centre of what we’re all about.

Do you enjoy being on UK tours?

Erik: It’s really different! The fans in this country of music are a different breed than they are anywhere else in the world. Everyone is so, well they’re fanatic’s yano and it shows from their response at the shows. A couple of nights ago, we’ve created this little vibe from the acoustic shows a couple of nights ago and the crowd were not having it, they were there to have a rock show and we all had to step up. We start off and we’re real mellow and everything and they’re just going crazy and it’s like ‘Ok! We gotta step it up, to get to your level’ but I love it, I love it so much. The only problem we have over here is a lack of convenience yano, where do we go to get food? It’s not like in the States where there’s a McDonalds on every corner! We had Chinese today, it was awesome! We know our way round Manchester, that’s the thing! It’s gotta be at least 20, I mean we’ve been over, I think this is our 23rd or 24th trip to the UK and we’ve played Manchester almost every time so it’s up there, more than a couple!

What reaction do you want to achieve at tonights show?

Erik: Every night the reaction is a little bit different but it’s really cool just to kind of see, once people get the idea of what we’re doing and they settle into the show it’s really really cool. There’s so much singing along and Jaret and I have a ton of interaction with the crowd, a lot more than we do at a Bowling For Soup show, we’re playing smaller shows, it’s a lot more intimate and it’s kind of a really kind of cool feeling. I hate going back to the word vibe but it’s very vibey. We’ve reworked a lot of Bowling For Soup songs and kind of play them in a different manner and it’s working out, it’s really cool.

Can we expect another get happy tour within the near future?

Erik: We’re working on something, basically last year we started putting this together and so we’re attempting to brand it right now but we just haven’t quite done that yet but the way we’ve got it set up is every April we’ll be here doing this acoustic thing and every October we full pan so we haven’t quite packaged it with the same groups, we’re still looking for the right mix of folks to do it with.

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

Erik: Right now? I don’t know, listening to a lot of Airbourne Toxic Event, their last album, I’ve had that kinda on repeat but there’s a great band from Dallas called Air Review, actually our Tour Manager’s brother, we’re managed by the same folks but there’s another band from Dallas called The Crash That Took Me I’ve been listening to, they’re very orchestral rock ‘n’ roll, there’s so much going on, it’s really cool. Let’s see who’s on here.. we’ve got Fountains of Wayne, Fratelli’s, Gabriel Mann, he’s a piano player from L.A he’s done keys on a few of our albums and he’s in a great band called The Rescue they’re about the be pretty huge, they’re so so good it’s amazing! I’m looking through this and it’s like “okay, they’re all my friends!”

What would be your favourite “Bowling for Soup” song to listen to, and also to perform?

Erik: Man it’s hard to say cause yano every album you get your new favourites but right now probably a song that Jaret and planets of Hollywood wrote called Turbulence, it’s just so amazing.

Jaret: Are you just saying that cause I’m in here?

Erik: No! Just shut the door! I’ve never heard him write that way before it’s one of those that sometimes I’ve gotta just stop thinking about what’s going on here and just play the song so you can make it through.

You’re playing Download this year at Donnington Park, how many times now?

Erik: This is our 3rd or 4th time… JR how many times have we played download?

Jaret: Erm, three! This will be four! Done the main stage twice!

Erik: Yeah, this will be our fourth time!

Are you guys going to be any other festivals?

Erik: That’s the only festival we’re doing this year. Basically, the rest of our Summer we’ll be in Asia in July and the States again in August so all festival season we’re booked!

Who has been your favourite band you’ve ever shared the stage with?

Erik: Hmm that’s interesting! It was a really big deal for us several years ago we did a show on Independence Day in Las Vegas with Social Distortion and that was a big deal for all of us cause we’re all huge fans. I don’t really enjoy being in the crowd, if I go see a show I’m standing at the back not packed in anywhere and I got out in the middle and got myself like 10 feet from the stage, they’re legends!

What so has been your favourite album to make?

Erik: Oh erm.. “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” is a really great album, it’s hard to pick because is it the album experience, the recording experience or musically but “Fishin For Woos” is definitely a contender, I just can’t believe what we were able to do in such a short time, the sounds we got from the music nerd side of it, it’s the best sounding album we’ve ever done and we did it in a small studio in Dallas we’ve been working in for years and for some reason this time all the stars aligned and it’s so huge I love it! Awesome!

Question from Twitter that you probably get all the time! What is your favourite flavour of soup?

Erik: See, I’m really really fucking boring with that question; I love tomato soup man, that’s my favourite kind. I make my own fresh from scratch at home and like make a huge batch so I can freeze it and have it all the time.

Haha, thank you for your time!

Erik: Well thank you!


Jaret and Erik from Bowling For Soup continue on their acoustic tour in the UK with the following dates;

Apr 10         Lincoln Engine Shed

Apr 11         Stoke-On-Trent Sugarmill

Apr 12         Leicester Academy 2

Apr 13         Oxford Academy 2

Apr 14         Brighton Concorde 2

Apr 15         London Koko

Fishin’ For Woos” is scheduled for worldwide release on April 26th.  Their new single “S-S-S-Saturday” is out May 16th.


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